Live Room

Welcome to the Live Room at Project Zero Studio, where soundproofing and versatility come together to create the perfect recording space. Measuring 45m², this room is divided into a “live end” and a “dead end,” giving you complete control over the amount of “room sound” you want to introduce into your recordings. Whether you want a dry sound or a more lively one, the huge double doors make it easy to achieve.

With enough space to comfortably accommodate a band of seven, the Live Room is also ideal for live streams. And, with air conditioning and heating, a large window with views of our beautiful garden, and Philips Hue colored lighting for your comfort, you’ll feel right at home.

The Live Room is also packed with professional-grade equipment, including

Control Room

The Control Room is acoustically near perfect and furnished with a custom-made desk by Cathedral, designed to provide the perfect harmony of vibe and efficiency. Equipped with 32 high-quality preamps, a nice selection of hardware equalizers and compressors, everything you need to create a killer guitar tone and a high-fidelity monitoring system by Amphion.


At Project Zero Studio, we believe that going to the studio shouldn’t be all work and no play. That’s why we offer a large chill room where you can eat, drink coffee, play some Playstation classics, or read a magazine. We also have a parking lot large enough to fit up to 12 cars, an outdoor smoking lounge, and we’re conveniently located close to supermarkets, snack bars, and bed and breakfast clubs.