Owned & operated by Yarne Heylen (Carnation, Nervosa, Warbringer, Skeletal Remains, Schizophrenia, ...) Project Zero Studio's mission is to translate your artistic vision into an amazing production.

What started as a hobby in a small attic somewhere in the suburbs of Nijlen around 2012 has now grown to one of the most prominent music production facilities that Belgium has to offer. Having recently moved into a converted doctor's office in Laakdal, Belgium; the all new & improved Project Zero Studio is ready to make some noise.



Recording / Production


Do you prefer an all-in-one package or do you want to pick and choose where to spend your budget and do the rest yourself?

Get in touch and we'll help you find the best solution to fit your needs!


Time to make your recordings shine!

While it is important for every stage to be done right, this step in the production process will make the most difference in terms of sound and is best left to be done by a skilled professional.


The final step before the release, are you sure it's done?!

Yarne will gladly master your mixes and make sure you have the right file for the right format.

Stem mastering is also available if you're not sure about your mixing abilities!


It already sounds good, now we have to make it look good.

With a small scale video studio and a gorgeous live room, we have everything we need to create a simple music video or an awesome playthrough video.


The Live Room

The Live Room is a 45m² soundproof space that is divided into a "live end" and a "dead end", separated by huge double doors. This means we can choose how much "room sound" we want to introduce into the recordings and go as dry or as lively as we want.
Big enough to fit a band of roughly seven people and very much suited for live streams if needed.

Airconditioned & heated, with a large window facing our beautiful garden and Philips Hue colored lighting for your comfort.

32 XLR inputs, 16 XLR outputs, 8 guitar cab pass throughs, 4 HDMI ports, 6 ethernet ports, a "make-your-own-mix" monitoring system and more power outlets than you'll ever need.

The Control Room

An acoustically near perfect room furnished with a custom made desk by Cathedral.

Designed to have a perfect harmony of vibe and efficiency, equipped with 32 high quality preamps, a nice selection of hardware equalizers and compressors, everything you need to create a killer guitar tone and a high fidelity monitoring system by Amphion.


Going to the studio shouldn't be all work and no play.

While staying at our facilities you are welcome to enjoy our large chill room to eat, drink coffee, play some Playstation classics or read a magazine.

We also have a parking large enough to fit up to 12 cars, an outdoors smoking lounge and are close to various supermarkets, snackbars and bed&breakfast clubs.

The Video Studio

Coming soon.

The Rehearsal Room / DIY Studio

Coming soon.


Project Zero Studio has worked with almost every Belgian metal band and is rapidly expanding to neighbouring and overseas clients.
Check out a couple of our clients here!

If your bands need accommodation in order to be able to record here, shoot us a message. We have great contact with neighbouring B&B's, AirBNB's and hotels to make your stay as affordable as possible.


Want to work with us? Still have some questions?
Head over to the Contact page and we'll get in touch as soon as possible.

You are very welcome to make an appointment to come and check out the studio in real life, or get to know each other through an online meeting!