Online livestream workshops:

24/01/2020 - Online workshop live mixing

With Bob Briessick (Warbringer, Exmortus, Carnation, Off the Cross,..)

- More info soon! -


31/01/2020 - Online workshop studio mixing

With Yarne Heylen (Skeletal Remains, Nervosa, Carnation,...)

-More info soon! -






The Project Zero Studio houses a hybrid setup; we combine the best of both worlds. Our state of the art analogue gear is essential to create a dynamic and colorful sound during the tracking process. Due to combining our analogue setup with a digital station, endless possibilities become available to edit and perfect your project to its desired result.

The studio has two main rooms; the live room and the control room. Both rooms were designed to have exceptional acoustic qualities specifically related to their functions. Built to present the artist with the necessary features to maximize the potential of his or her performance.


We’re specialized in recording entire albums from start to finish. We prefer to get invested in a project and share ideas with the artist. 



 The quality of the mix will make the difference between a good album and a masterpiece. Our team will always go the extra mile to make sure the final result matches your expectations.

Mastering is the final step before an album can be released. The mastering process is a method to maximize the potential of a mix on various different audio setups.