A perfect harmony between vibe and efficiency

Making an old doctor's office look like the perfect place to record an album was not an easy task. We ripped out the ugly orange floors, repainted the whole thing and employed Mutrox to design and build the live and control room.

Having several years of practice in our old bungalow in Nijlen, Yarne knew exactly what he wanted to do differently - and more importantly - keep the same.

The result is a highly efficient studio that looks modern, yet isn't sterile and has systems in place that guarantee to "capture the moment" when it's there without losing precious time.

Project Zero Studio is currently not offering "dry rentals", meaning that if you wish to enjoy our beautiful premises, you'll have to hire Yarne as well.

The Live Room

The Live Room is a 45m² soundproof space that is divided into a "live end" and a "dead end", separated by huge double doors. This means we can choose how much "room sound" we want to introduce into the recordings and go as dry or as lively as we want.
Big enough to fit a band of roughly seven people and very much suited for live streams if needed.

Airconditioned & heated, with a large window facing our beautiful garden and Philips Hue colored lighting for your comfort.

32 XLR inputs, 16 XLR outputs, 8 guitar cab pass throughs, 4 HDMI ports, 6 ethernet ports, a "make-your-own-mix" monitoring system and more power outlets than you'll ever need.

The Control Room

An acoustically near perfect room furnished with a custom made desk by Cathedral.

Designed to have a perfect harmony of vibe and efficiency, equipped with 32 high quality preamps, a nice selection of hardware equalizers and compressors, everything you need to create a killer guitar tone and a high fidelity monitoring system by Amphion.


Going to the studio shouldn't be all work and no play.

While staying at our facilities you are welcome to enjoy our large chill room to eat, drink coffee, play some Playstation classics or read a magazine.

We also have a parking large enough to fit up to 12 cars, an outdoors smoking lounge and are close to various supermarkets, snackbars and bed&breakfast clubs.

The Video Studio

Coming soon.

The Rehearsal Room / DIY Studio

Coming soon.